How to apply

Some of the members of the Trevor Platt Science Foundation have agreed to provide online mentorship to scientists. The programme is aimed primarily at early career scientists and post graduate students in marine and aquatic sciences. Exceptions may be made for more senior scientists, for example, if they are trying to break into a new field or a new working environment.

This is an online mentorship programme and not a training course. It means that each selected mentee will be paired with a mentor. The mentor and mentee would agree on a pattern of online contacts. On agreed times, the mentor and mentee would go online for a mutually agreed duration, during which the mentee can request guidance and direction from the mentor regarding professional and scientific problems that they face. The overall duration of the programme would be six months.

How to apply? Applications closed

Step 1 - Applicants are requested to go through the list of available mentors and visit their professional webpages (google scholar, orcid, research gate) to familiarise themselves with the work of the mentors that are working in your area of interest. Select up to three potential mentors to be listed in your application form, by order of preference.

Step 2 - Please complete the application form, which is available here, prior to the deadline: 10 March 2023. In the application form, applicants are expected to describe their educational profile, mentorship needs and list up to three mentors by order of preference.

Step 3 - Submit a 2-page CV and a recommendation letter in PDF format through The recommendation letter must be provided in English, on institutional letterhead, dated and signed by the supervisor. Usually, a good recommendation letter is provided by those able to judge the candidate's academic and research background, and/or potential (e.g., thesis advisor, major Professor, employer). It includes important elements on the candidate's profile and career such as your current position at the institute, the relevance of the mentoring to the candidate's career and/or the anticipated outcome.

Your application will be completed after receiving the application (via form), CV and recommendation letter (via email). Only complete applications will be considered. 

What happens next?

A panel will scrutinise the applications, carry out a pre-selection and then forward the pre-selected applications to the proposed mentor, who will have the final decision on selecting the mentee with whom to work. All candidates will be informed on the results no later than 03 April 2023.

What happens after completion of the mentorship?

Both the mentor and mentee would have to complete an interim and a final brief report, so that the organisers can evaluate whether the programme rewarding for both mentor and mentee, whether the workload was manageable for the mentor; and suggestions for improving the programme. If the programme is seen to fill a useful niche, it will be continued with a new call. Upon submission of satisfactory interim and final reports, mentees will receive a certificate of completion.


If you have more questions, please contact us here.