Trevor Platt Science (TPS) Foundation is the fulfilment of a long cherished dream of Prof. Trevor Platt, FRS, FRSC, and his wife Dr. Shubha Platt. TPSF is an international organisation dedicated to capacity building in science, research, and education related to our environment, especially our oceans, working towards stewardship of our planet for future generations.

The Foundation was launched on 12th August 2021. The online meeting brought together over 130 colleagues, friends, and students of Prof. Platt from around the globe, to celebrate his life and share ideas on how to steer the foundation forward.

At this stage, membership in the Foundation is limited to people who have had some previous connections with Trevor and Shubha (colleagues from work, friends or family), and would like to contribute to the activities of the Foundation. If you wish to become a member, please apply here.