About TPS Foundation

Trevor Platt Science Foundation is a section 8 company (not for profit) registered in India.

The vision of the foundation is to uphold the legacy of Prof. Trevor Platt by striving for the betterment of our environment and our society and by equipping young scientists to take up leadership roles for stewardship of our planet.

The objectives of the foundation are:

  • Create and sustain a forum for promoting science and societal applications of environmental sciences.

  • Conduct outreach programmes at schools, college and community levels.

  • Help in capacity building by conducting training programmes to students, offering fellowships and scholarships and travel grants.

  • Build collaborative networks with other organisations having similar activities and goals.

  • Actively seek and secure funding to carry out research and educational activities in environmental sciences.

  • Explore and implement ecosystem-based solutions to environmental problems and threats, especially of aquatic systems.

The foundation aims to achieve the objectives above with the help of its members. Let us all work together to make TPS Foundation a universal organisation.